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There are diverse Regions in Oob that players can traverse in Ooblets.

Explore regions like the Mamoonia desert, spooky Nullwhere, and more.

Regions[edit | edit source]

  • Badge Town
  • Mamoonia Desert
  • Nullwhere
  • Pantsabear Hill
  • Port Forward

Buildings[edit | edit source]

  • Cuddlecups Cafe
  • Dance Barn
  • Frunbuns Clubhouse
  • Hair Salon
  • Kibbon-bon Clothing Boutique
  • Manatwee Furniture Store
  • Mimpins Bunker
  • Mossprouts Treehouse
  • Oobcoop
  • Peaksnub Manor
  • Sheriff's Office
  • Town Hall
  • Vampire Bento Halloween Shop