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Ooblets is a creature collection and farming game currently being developed by Glumberland.

Plant, water, and harvest crops, manage and expand your farm, collect all sorts of junk, make friends, and also make littler friends (ooblets).

Use the crops you grow to befriend, upgrade, and heal ooblets. Buy a little shop and sell your excess crops and junk to the townspeople.

Explore regions like the Mamoonia desert, the spooky Nullwhere, bustling Hubton, and more! Discover loads of ooblets and battle other trainers all over the place.

Some features[edit | edit source]

  • Live a simple life working the land (and battling magical creatures)
  • You get a little house you can decorate and expand
  • Play at your own pace. Leave the stresses of city living behind you
  • Take part in a bustling little town full of characters
  • Open world exploring
  • Visit a variety of regions
  • Automate production with things like sprinklers
  • Run a shop!
  • Join an Ooblet club. Feel wanted and appreciated. Distrust other clubs' members.

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