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Ooblets are the little creatures that players can collect in Ooblets. There are many of them, some easier to obtain than others. If you want to see what they currently look like, here's a link to the list with picture on their website.

List of Ooblets[edit | edit source]

  • Bristlebud
    • A cactus like ooblet. Got small flowers covering it.
  • Chickadingding
  • Clickyclaws
    • A frowny looking ooblet.
  • Derble
    • Cutest little legged plant. Has a little pink flower on it's head.
  • Dooziedug
    • Looks like a little polar bear.
  • Dumbirb
    • Little green bird.
  • Fleeble
    • A mushroom type ooblet. Long legs and small white dots on his head.
  • Fripp
  • Glanter
    • Found in nullwhere, it's a glow in the dark kind of ooblet. Looks a little like a ghost with legs.
  • Gloopylonglegs
    • The name should say it all. It has really long legs.
  • Grebun
    • This ooblet has a dress and a hood.
  • Gullysplot
    • Kind of a Jellyfish mushroom melon. Is pink.
  • Marshling
    • Could be found in nullwhere. Looks like a masked forest dweller.
  • Moogy
    • A penguin-like ooblet.
  • Lumpstump
    • A tree ooblet. Looks like a little forest dweller. Had a tunic made of leaf.
  • Pantsabear
    • Really wear pants.
  • Petula
    • Little round flouwer ooblet. Looks sweet.
  • Plob
    • A little blob with feet.
  • Radlad
    • Raddish inspired ooblet.
  • Snurfler
    • All hail chtu... I mean, it looks like a little octopus.
  • Shrumbo
    • A mushroom type ooblet. It has little legs, but a long head.
  • Tamlin
    • Wears a dress
  • Unnyhunny
    • Looks like a parsnip with a had and a sweater. Has boots.
  • Whirlitzer
    • Acorn type of ooblet. All green and happy.
  • Wigglewip
    • Kind of a plant, but can't tell which one.
  • (more to come)

If some ooblets are added here that does not appear on the list of ooblets, they are most likely in the patreon.

Scrapped Ooblets[edit | edit source]

  • Rockstack